Mr. & Mrs. Kris Spicer | Bluffton, South Carolina | Wedding

I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to give the gift of visual memories.  I am doubly grateful to work with the wonderful people that come into my life.  Thank you to Kris and Christen to making my life richer thru the pleasure of documenting your beautiful wedding.

Kris and Christen were married in Bluffton in The Church of the Cross located on the May River.  The church is rich in both tradition and history and if you know these two and their families you will agree it was the perfect place for their wedding.  I have done a lot of weddings but I have never experienced one quite like this.  It speaks volumes about a couple and their families when the pastor struggles to speak with out having his voice break. The love and commitment of all present this day was simply beautiful.

At the reception I witnessed another touching moment that I hope will be treasured by all for many, many years to come.  As the couple danced their first dance, the grandfather of the bride made his way to the dance floor and cut in on the groom to have a precious few moments with his sweet, beautiful granddaughter.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place!  The other day as I was driving I saw a billboard that something similar to this, One day your life will flash before your eyes, Make sure it is worth watching.  I can tell you, I believe that Kris and Christen’s life will be worth watching, they have a heck of a great start.  Enjoy!



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